Yogurt is a healthy snack or dessert option,  but it can be expensive. Especially if you are buying yogurt for a large family, the costs can run high. Therefore, a yogurt maker that allows you to make delicious, additive and preservative free yogurt from the comfort of your own home, can quite simply make a lot of sense. However, there are a whole array of yogurt makers available on the market. It can be  somewhat confusing trying to figure out which yogurt maker would be suitable for your specific needs. Therefore, reading this useful guide might greatly facilitate the buying process.

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

What Exactly Is a Yogurt Maker?

Yogurt makers do exactly what one might expert them to do, they make yogurt. You can of course make homemade yogurt the old fashioned way, without the use of a machine. But in this day and age, this can be a laborious task. Therefore, this is where electronic yogurt makers come in handy, they can turn dairy milk and soy milk into delicious, chemical free yogurt. Some produce frozen yogurt, some produce ordinary Greek and flavored yogurts. They differ in price range, but whatever your price range, there should be a decent yogurt maker on the market to suit your needs. Here are a few things to look out for.

What Type of Yogurt Will You Be Making?

It is important for you to identify this, because once you have identified the type of yogurt you will  be making. You can focus on those specific types of yogurt maker, instead of perusing hundreds of different products that you probably won’t be interested in. Do you want to make frozen yogurt? If so, there are a number of frozen yogurt makers that could be suitable for you. For example:

Making Frozen Yogurt?

Frozen yogurt makers can turn milk into frozen yogurt or ice cream. You can produce silky smooth frozen yogurt with a number of different flavors with the push of a button. When buying a frozen yogurt maker, you should look out for one that has automatic cooling and temperature control. So that, you can actually leave your frozen yogurt in the machine for a period of time before serving it. This makes it more convenient, especially if you want to eat the yogurt on the same day. Look for one that has at least a 1.5 quart capacity. Always ensure that your frozen yogurt maker has a warranty, and money back guarantee  before purchasing.

Greek Yogurt Maker

When buying a Greek yogurt maker, opt for one that comes with a starter kit. It saves you the hassle of having to purchase one separately. Obviously, you will eventually have to purchase additional kits, but buying a maker that includes one, eliminates the initial hassle. Like the frozen yogurt maker, make sure that it offers automatic cooling once the yogurt is actually ready. Most, if not all Greek yogurt makers come with containers to store the yogurt in, this is really a must when purchasing a Greek yogurt maker. Greek yogurt is excellent for gut health, it produces good bacteria cultures to aid in digestion, and to produce a healthy gut environment to prevent bloating and general gut problems. Homemade Greek yogurt is always going to be better than the store bought yogurt, because it has no added preservatives or chemicals.

Ordinary Yogurt Makers

Ordinary yogurt makers transform soy or dairy milk into  delicious yogurt. You can make plain yogurt or flavoured yogurt. A 1.5 quart to 2.5 quart capacity is adequate, and just like the other yogurt maker types, always look for one that has automatic cooling.

The Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

How Much Should You Be Spending?

A mid price range yogurt maker like the Euro Cuisine YMX650 Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker retails for just under $50. This yogurt maker produces over 1 quart of yogurt in jars, in 14 to 15 hours. It has automatic cooling, and it has an easy to read, digital LCD display. You can make ordinary flavoured yogurt, and Greek yogurt using this machine, and it is affordable for what is offered.

Looking for a Frozen Yogurt Maker?

If you are looking for an affordable frozen yogurt maker, a good option would be, the Cuisineart Ice frozen yogurt and ice cream maker. It comes with a 2 quart capacity, automatic shut off and cooling. As well as a money back guarantee, this machine retails for just under $70.


Did you know that all electronic products that retail for over $50 legally have to come with a warranty?  Some products that retail for less than $50 do come with a warranty, but the warranty is often limited. Therefore, it won’t cover you for every incident, it is always best to contact customer support to gain a greater understanding of how their warranty policy works before purchasing.

The VitaClay 2-in-1 Yogurt Maker and Slow Cooker

Other Features to Consider When Buying a Yogurt Maker

Does the product have a digital display? Does it have a date input feature? Does it have automatic shut off? How much yogurt will you be making per week ? Therefore, how large does it have to be? Some yogurt makers have LCD timers that allow you to see exactly how long it will take before the yogurt is actually ready. Some yogurt makers do not have this feature, so you would need to time it yourself. Which can in some way, eliminate the practicality of actually having a yogurt maker in the first place. It is definitely advisable to ask yourself the above questions when buying your yogurt maker to avoid disappointment.

Benefits of Owning a Yogurt Maker

  • Save money
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Takes the guess work out of making yogurt
  • Make healthy treats for the kids and the whole family
  • Healthy alternative to ice cream
  • Fun for all the family


In conclusion, owning a yogurt maker eliminates the need to purchase store bought, packaged yogurts. Which are often loaded with undesirable chemicals and preservatives. You also save a ton of money making your own yogurt, because the cost of store bought yogurt does add up. It is vital that you purchase a yogurt maker that has proper temperature control, because temperature control lies at the heart of preparing a good batch of yogurt. Automatic shut off and cooling features are essential features to look out for too. Having a yogurt maker also eliminates waste, because instead of attempting to make yogurt manually and failing at several attempts. With a yogurt maker, you often get it right every time. There are yogurt makers on the market to suit most budgets, but just always ensure that there is some kind of warranty in place, and or money back guarantee. You will save time and money in the long run if you do your research, and purchase the product that suits your individual needs. Rather than buying a substandard product that does not provide you with the features that you were looking for in a yogurt maker.  Sometimes spending a little more, can make all the difference when purchasing a yogurt maker, but it is not always necessary to opt for the top of the range  brands when looking for a good quality yogurt maker.