The Krups toasters are overall great toasters that fair well against giants like Dualit, they present customers with performance and affordability without sacrificing style and elegance. Krups toasters are serious when it comes to power, even with a regular 2 slice they are not afraid to reach higher wattage, and this will ensure a crisp outside and a soft and moist inside for your bread.

Krups toasters come with all the required functions of a modern day toaster, the bagel setting is ever present and it is complimented by the large slots which are just right for doing bagels. High lift trays are a must have for these high capacity toasters as I personally am not interested in having my fingers toasted in the morning.

The controls panels are well made, incorporating easy to read and easy to handle dials, levers and buttons, some models have an electronic display to let you know when your toast would be ready. The designs of each Krups toaster may relate to personal preferences, but Krups have made their toasters in various designs so to reach out to a larger number of buyers who are sensitive about the way their toasters would look.

KRUPS KH732D Breakfast Set Toaster with Brushed and Chrome Stainless Steel Housing, 2-Slice

Krups Toaster FEM2B

Buyers have given mixed reviews about this Krups toaster, from being to best toaster to the worst toaster ever made but the number of positive reviews outnumbers the negative ones.

  • Comes in Silver and Black, probably the 2 most common colors for a kitchen.
  • Comes with a dishwasher safe removable crumb tray.

The design is somewhat unique in a sense, this toaster is a good purchase if you base it on the reviews of the amazon buyers.

This simple 2 slice toaster – KRUPS KH732D Breakfast Set Toaster with Brushed and Chrome Stainless Steel Housing, 2-Slicer have constantly produce best balance, golden, crisp toasting bread. What’s more it’s has a easy defrost button and bagel setting, plus the eight easy setting dial give me a high degree of control over toasting and browning.

Review praises the neat warming tray, sprightly pop-up action, unusually deep slot along with three-position level that lifts small pastries out of the toaster and more.

Besides that, what is lovely about this toaster is the crumb tray is design to be very convenient and dishwasher-safe. Not to mention it’s look absolutely good with it’s black housing and brushed stainless-steel control panel.

Well, based on some reviews on amazon, there are a few complaints that the toast didn’t come out evenly toasted, maybe it’s just bad luck or in that 1% error quality control things, anyway, you can always return it if you buy it from Amazon.

KRUPS KH442D Control Line Toaster with Integrated Bun Warmer and Brushed Stainless Steel

Product Details

A pretty big toaster, which has a futuristic sense to it thanks to its brushed stainless steel finish and a digital display on the front.

It looks fantastic in any kitchen that it can fit in, come with the necessary settings like Bagel and defrost, also a few extra like reheat.

The browning dial has 8 settings for you to choose your shade of brown. The body of this Krups toaster will remain cool throughout the toasting session, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally touching it. Under the unit you may find a much needed cable storage, no more worrying about loose wires.

A digital display will indicate the level of browning and the time left until it is done, very stylish indeed. The KRUPS KH442D Control Line Toaster with Integrated Bun Warmer and Brushed Stainless Steel Housing can brown the surface of your bread really quick, giving it a crispy brown exterior while leaving the interior of the bread un-heated.

The 1-1/4 inch slots are smaller than the 1-1/2 of other toasters and you may find that it cannot fit in large slices or large thick bagels, but what it lacks for in size it makes up for in accuracy, you can always be certain that your toast will stay in an upright position within the toasting chamber.

The high lift function lets you remove the smallest of bread slices from the toasting cavity, this leaves you toasting without having to worry about digging or even turning the toaster over just to get a small slice of bread out of the toaster.

These toasters come with a Bagel and defrost function just like other toasters of its age. The stop button above the 2 setting buttons allows for immediate cessation of toasting just in case you need to stop it for whatever reason.

Handy cord storage allows you to hide the wire under the toaster when you are not using it, it is entirely safe to store the cord under even when it is turned on thanks to its safe to touch exterior which will not absorb the heat from the heating elements inside.

This toaster however is a little large at 8 inches by 7-1/2 by 7-1/4, considering that it only 2 slots they could have made it a little smaller.

For the price KRUPS KH442D Control Line Toaster with Integrated Bun Warmer and Brushed Stainless Steel Housing is a definite buy at roughly about $62 on offer at Amazon you can’t go wrong buying this toaster, it even comes with a 1 year warranty.

Krups Semi ProToasters

Product Details

The Germans have done it again, this time with a great toaster that comes in 2 slice or 4 slice variants. Each of the Krups Semi Pro are similar in function and design, the only noticeable difference would be the size (and of course the number of slots) and wattage.

The Krups Semi Pro 2 Slice which is the 2 slot version has a 1100 watt power supply, that is a lot of power for just 2 slices, but they are serious about power over at Krups. This exceptional heating ability allows for a crispy exterior and an unheated interior.

The Krups Semi Pro 4 slice variant exerts 1500 watt, maybe you were expecting 2200 watts which double that of the 2 slice one, it would make sense since it is basically double the quantity, but that would be a real waste of electricity. Even at 1500 watts the 4 slice version is still able to provide a lot of heat and it works as well as its little 2 slice partner. This version sports individual control panels for each pair of slots.

Both versions share similar mechanics and construction; they come with the same Bagel setting button very handy for people who do more than just bread. The large knobs which stick out from the front of the toaster are for lowering bread and the likes into the heating cavity, the high lift trays ensure easy removal of toasted material.

A 6 setting browning function labeled from A to F with A being very light and F being almost burnt, it also gives an intermediate 48 positions, there is also a defrost setting on this dial.

The removable crumb tray allows for easy cleaning, but the tray itself is also dishwasher safe. Both models come with a cable storage under it which is very convenient.

The body of Krups Semi Pro is made entirely of metal and has a stainless steel finish to it, it looks great on any counter, but the problem is in its size, the smaller 2 slice is considerably large at 8 by 7-1/4 by 7-1/2 inches, and the 4 slice being double of that in length.

The price for the Krups Semi Pro 2 Slice is at $86 and the Krups Semi Pro 4 slice being at $140 (it makes more sense to buy the 4 slice then 2 of the 2 slice one). Both models are very good in terms of usability and getting the job done.