ImageProduct DesignPerformanceFeaturesPrice
ImageProduct DesignPerformanceFeaturesPrice
• KitchenAid KHM926CU• 3.5 x 8 x 6 inches
• Item weight: 2 pounds
• Stainless steel body
• Product color: White
• User-friendly design
• Precise control over mixing
• Not a hassle to clean
• Performs well
• 9 speeds
• Good whisk design
• Powerful lightweight motor
• Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer• 9 x 4.2 x 6 inches
• Item weight: 2.6 pounds
• Chrome plated body
• Product color: White/Silver
• No splatters
• Easy to use for left-handed people
• Louder than other mixers
• 220W hand mixer
• 7 speeds
• Swivel cord
• Hamilton Beach 62695R• 9.4 x 5.8 x 9.9 inches
• Item weight: 3.6 pounds
• Plastic body
• Product color: White
• Light-weight
• A little tricky to clean
• Powerful
• 225W hand mixer
• 6 speeds w/ QuickBurst button
• Traditional twin chrome beaters
• Bowl Rest mixer stabilizer

Okay, now you’ve decided you want to buy a hand mixer, here are the things that determine what is the best hand mixer for you:

What tasks can it handle?

When you’re buying a hand mixer, I think it’s clear that you aren’t baking all that often and you’re not trying to mix heavy stuff like bread dough. A good hand mixer will be able to do things like whisking eggs (thin liquid), beating cream, mixing cake batter (thick liquid), and maybe even mixing cookie dough (light solids) if it is powerful enough. Check the power of the hand mixer, 175-watt to 220-watt is decent.

How much control do I have over the mixing?

You really don’t want a hand mixer that has only three speed settings – low, medium, high. Although that seems pretty straightforward and easy to use, sometimes you need that slight change in speed that will make mixing so much smoother. A good hand mixer should have at least 5 or 6 speeds, while a better hand mixer will have 7 to 9 speeds. You don’t want a hand mixer with 16 speeds either, because it is rare that you’ll get to use all of them.

Is it comfortable?

Now this might sound like a strange question but if you’ve held a hand mixer for extended periods like I did, you know you need to ask this. Find a hand mixer that is light in weight but doesn’t compromise in quality of its motor and parts. The handle should provide a stable and firm grip for your hand. Ergonomic designs like a slanted handle for wrist-comfort or an open-end handle for bigger hands are nice advantages. If you’re left-handed, check whether the cord comes out on the right side of the mixer, because that will get in the way and become rather annoying.

Is it easy to clean and assemble?

Basically, you only need to clean the beaters and give the body a wipe, but find a hand mixer that detaches the beaters with an easy push of a button so that you don’t have to struggle with it every time. Beaters that don’t have a rod in the middle are a lot easier to clean than those that do. The body of the hand mixer should also be as streamlined as possible to wipe off easily.

That’s about it for a good hand mixer. The best hand mixers may also have a reasonable period of warranty and helpful customer service just in case. Choose wisely! Find out what are my top picks for hand mixers in the next part.

Here are some of my showcases for the best hand mixers. Hand mixers are easy to store away in the kitchen drawer or cabinet and do not take up much space. Although hand mixers are not powerful nor practical enough for really heavy duty mixing like bread dough, they are great for people who need to do the occasional light mixing with eggs, creams, sauces, mashed potato, cupcakes or even cookie batter.

KitchenAid KHM926CU – Best Hand Mixer

Price: $99.99

This is the best hand mixer you can get in the market, as it is everything a hand mixer should be: lightweight and ergonomic design for user-friendliness, 9 speeds for more precise control over the mixing, easy to clean beaters and body, and just powerful enough for cookie, cake and pastry making. Although not the most affordable, it performs and gives value for it’s worth.

You can read more about Kitchenaid Hand Mixers over here.

Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer – The Best Hand Mixer for Left Handed People

Price: $45.95

This hand mixer starts with a slow speed to avoid splattering, because 220-watt indicates a really powerful hand mixer for all the light duty mixing. The best thing about this hand mixer is that it has a swivel cord that gives left handers some relief, but the downside is that this mixer can be rather loud on high speed. For more information on this product, check out our Cuisinart Mixer reviews.

Hamilton Beach 62695R – Best Budget Hand Mixer

Price: $35.00

This handy hand mixer (pun intended?) is probably the best you can get for such an amazingly low price. It is pretty decent in terms of power, light weight, and speed settings too, and the one drawback I can see is that the beaters don’t look so easy to clean even though they are dishwasher safe.

We’ve covered Hamilton Beach Mixers as a whole in this article


There are dozens of Mixers available at the time of this writing, and I feel that our site has done a pretty good job of covering the major brands.  If you need more information on making a decision, please read some of our more comprehensive product reviews linked above.