Some of us love light weight knives but are shy to admit it because others promote heavy knives so greatly. Most lightweight kitchen knives are stamped blades, except for the Japanese Shun knives.

You know how people go on and on about the quality of forged knives and Japanese construction which is oh-so-amazing. All that comes with a price, and you know you will hurt your bank if you paid for pride. But you know what, you can actually get some good quality knives despite them being stamped knives, and at a reasonable price too.

MAC 4-Piece Knife Set

The MAC 4-piece set is great value for money! For the price of one premier Shun, you get 4 razor sharp Mac kitchen knives in a box, which is an excellent buy either as a basic kitchen knife set or as a gift. The MAC knives are light so you feel great wielding them for hours cutting and slicing away.

As they are stamped knives, these knives remain sharp for a much longer time, so that’s an advantage over forged knives. You don’t have to sharpen your knives even if you use them daily for hundreds of times.

MAC Knife Professional 8-inch Chef’s Knife

You may prefer this 8-inch chef knife than the 9-inch slicer in the set above if you have smaller hands. This MAC chef’s knife is made of hard but thin and light Japanese steel with an edge sharpened to an angle that yields precise cuts. When you hold this knife in your hand, it doesn’t feel like a Henckel or Wusthof, but you can cut through thick and brittle vegetables with little force because of the thinner blade.

You will also love that the sharpness keeps much more easily than the Western knives, and let’s face it, however wonderful German knives are, only Japanese kitchen knives top the chart in terms of sharp edges. You will never have to saw through stuff anymore with a MAC knife, just lift and push through.

MAC Santoku Knife with Bolster

The santoku knife is what you must have if you do a lot of dicing and chopping of vegetables. The MAC santoku is perfect for this job because it is nimble and sharp. With it you will be able to chop and dice the vegetables into neat and precise pieces in quick motions. The granton edge does its job well in keeping the diced stuff from sticking to the blade, and even the stubborn potato slices go off.

This santoku knife has great balance, a comfortable grip and very thin blade. Big hands will not find a problem with this knife. You will have to resist using this to hack at things because the thin blade will not take the force.