During those hot, summer months, it is always exciting and refreshing to get that ice cream cone. It cools you down and is really tasty. How would you like it if you could have ice cream any time you want? You can when you look into buying an ice cream maker for your home.

What is an Ice Cream Maker?

An ice cream machine is generally used to make the cold, sweet, and delicious ice cream that we all love to enjoy in the hot months of the year. These machines are used to make smaller amounts of ice cream for the home along with many other types of frozen desserts. There are ice cream machines that will make larger sizes of ice cream however.

How do you choose an Ice Cream Maker?

With all of the different brands and varieties, it may be very hard to choose just the right ice cream maker for you. The price will have a lot to do with you decision, so be sure that you have your budget in mind. There are plenty of different types to choose from and you should also think about how often you will use the ice cream maker. If you see yourself using it quite frequently, you may want to get one of the mid-range sizes. If you are only making ice cream for yourself, you should probably stick with the smaller model.

How often will you use it?

If you have children in the home, you will probably use your ice cream maker quite frequently. If you have parties pretty regularly, you may want to make different frozen desserts with your ice cream maker. This could mean that you will use it quite a lot. Be sure that you do choose the right ice cream maker for how frequently you will use it.

Features and Benefits

Some of the most high tech ice cream makers have many different features. One model does not even require that you use ice! Some ice cream makers require rock salt and some do not. There are many features such as special spouts where cookies or nuts can go into and be added to the ice cream. There are different additions that you can use to make sherbet, frozen yogurt, and even gelato. Some ice cream makers have the functions of pushing a button to decide what type of cold dessert you want to make. The benefits from having an ice cream machine are pretty easy to see. You will always have fresh, delicious desserts in your home. You can make the ice cream in bulk and this is a great family experience for everyone.


Much like the other appliances that you will buy for your home, you will also receive a year limited warranty for your new ice cream maker. You will receive the warranty as soon as your purchase is final. You may have to register your ice cream maker with the manufacturer in order to get the full warranty. Once you have it registered, your ice cream maker will be ready to use. If you have any problems with it or parts end up broken or missing, your warranty will cover anything like this. Just be sure that you take the best care of it and follow all of the instructions and recipes when it comes time to make your delicious ice cream.


There are many different shapes and sizes of ice cream makers. You may be really surprised to see just how many there are! When it comes time for you to choose the one you want, you must be sure that you find the one that fits your lifestyle perfectly. If you want to store your ice cream maker on the counter in your kitchen, you may want to invest in a much smaller version. If you have plenty of space and storage, you can probably choose one that is much larger. The various sizes can also be a good sign of how much ice cream they will produce. If you are only looking to make very small amounts of ice cream, there is no need to buy a very large ice cream maker. Stick with the smaller, condensed versions to save space and save some money.

Best Brands to Buy

Ice cream makers are making a comeback and there have been many reviews of them all over the Internet. Consumer Reports puts out reviews of appliances quite often and they have chosen a top five when it comes to ice cream makers. One of their top selections is the Cuisinart ice cream and gelato maker. You can get the best of both worlds with this maker. It is on the lower end as far as the price is concerned and it has been receiving some great reviews for all of the tasty desserts that it makes. The Nostalgia Old Fashioned ice cream maker will take you back to a time when people had to make their ice cream by hand every day. This ice cream maker is a little bit more expensive, but it is well worth the price. The Deni Automatic ice cream maker is another brand that has gotten some great reviews. It can make some of the best ice cream that you will ever eat. This has slowly become one of the most popular of the ice cream makers on the market today. Hamilton Beach also makes a very popular ice cream maker. It is the Cordless ½ Pint Ice Cream Maker and it is one of the best! It will make ½ a pint of ice cream that will taste absolutely delicious! All of these are great brands to buy and it is solely up to you to decide which one you would like to try.


With all of these options for ice cream makers, it is important that you know the type of design that you want to buy. There are hand-churned, cordless, compressors, wooden buckets, and gel canister-freezer ice cream makers. If you want to feel as if you are back in a time where everyone made their own ice cream, the hand-churned makers are probably the best bet for you. The cordless ice cream makers are the easiest to use and to store, but you may not get a very large amount of ice cream from them. If you are looking for a large supply of ice cream, you may want to choose the wooden buckets or gel canister-freezer styles. You are bound to find just the right ice cream maker for you.


The prices of these ice cream makers all vary. Some of the lowest prices that you will find are anywhere from $20 to $45. These will be the smaller models of maker whereas the larger models are anywhere from $60 to $300. The more state of the art models will be on the much higher end of the pricing spectrum. Once you have made the final decision about what size and model of ice cream maker you want, you will then discover all of the pricing differences and you will be able to make some absolutely amazing desserts for your friends and family.