Some people have developed an addiction to the delicious flavor of beef jerky. If you’re one of them, then we have the perfect solution for you. Just buy yourself your own dehydrator and you’ll be saving lots of money you would have otherwise spent on commercially sold jerky and dried fruit. Purchasing beef jerky from stores can be an expensive indulgence, so it’s definitely a smarter choice to get your own dehydrator today.

You’ll learn that jerky you’ve prepared at home tastes significantly better compared to the store-bought stuff. This review will cover three great beef jerky dehydrators that will add a lot of flavor into your life.

best beef jerky dehydrator reviewSTX Dehydra DEH-004 Dehydrator

The STX Dehydra DEH-004 Dehydrator is horizontal flow machine that takes up 190 square feet of drying space and holds up to 10 trays for your drying pleasure. With temperatures that can go from 85 degrees to 155 degrees, you’re sure to find the ideal temperature for just about everything you can think of drying.

For its price, this machine is of decent quality and users are fond of it for its sheets that let you make fruit roll-up foods. Some reviewers have mentioned how this unit dries a little longer compared to other models in the market, but because of its low noise emission, a lot of people are still very happy with their purchase of this model.

Cabela’s Commercial Food Dehydrator

commercial grade beef jerky dehydratorIf you’re thinking of opening up your own dried food business, then you can’t go wrong with the Cabela’s Commercial Food Dehydrator. It lets you whip up a large batch of food in one go, and includes 12 nonstick drying racks that take up a total of 28 square feet. Its drying temperature can go up to 160 degrees with a maximum drying time of 12 hours, affording you lots of versatility.

The unit also comes with a drain reservoir that functions to catch drippings for easier cleaning. The glass front doors are also a welcome feature so you can keep an eye on your food during the whole drying process. With its automatic shut off feature, you can just leave it to do its job while you take care of other things.

You’ll find this model to be a great option for any kind of food you could think to dry, but most users are especially fond of it for its exceptional drying of beef jerky.

Aroma AFD-615 Dehydrator

cheap beef jerky dehydratorThis is a great beef jerky dehydrator for people looking for a more affordable option. Its automatic and reversible revolving trays allow for faster and more even drying. The lid is also vented to control the moisture, and its drip protection feature makes cleaning relatively easier.

The Aroma AFD-615 Dehydrator is affordable and does a great job of drying any type of food but it excels at drying mostly herbs, fruits, and vegetables. The five spacious trays can conveniently be adjusted for different height levels, and an electric fan keeps the air moving while the rotating trays keep your food from over-drying.

If you’re used to more high-end models, then you may have trouble adjusting to this model. Other reviewers have shared how the drying process takes longer, but for something that costs this low, we think it’s a food dehydrator you’ll still be happy to have around for when you’re craving some home-made dried jerky goodness.

There’s no reason to delay your purchase for an awesome food dehydrator. If you’re craving for your own homemade beef jerky, then these models will surely get the job done for you.