If you’re a fan of natural living, you’ve probably heard of the many benefits of owning an essential oil diffuser. These handy little devices are great for improving your health, boosting your energy level, or to relax and sleep better. While the list of possible uses for this device is indeed extensive, it can be challenging to choose the right diffuser that fits your needs and budget.

Essential oil diffusers are best known for their calming effect, letting you relax and unwind after a long day at work. Of course, there are also other effective ways to keep stress at a minimum, but having a diffuser is by far the easiest and most effective way to soothe the senses – whether it’s at home or at the office.

If you constantly feel lethargic and sluggish, you’ll be happy to know that an essential oil diffuser can also do wonders to improve your mood and make you feel revitalized. Diffusers have been used on a lot of special occasions to set a positive atmosphere. Whether it’s a business meeting, a thanksgiving dinner, or a special evening with your loved one, you are sure to set the right mood with a diffuser.

Another advantage of owning a diffuser are the health benefits. A lot of the essential oils today provide, not just aromatic, but anti-microbial effects, as well. Some are known to boost the immune system, while others double as humidifiers which keep the airways moist and healthy. If you’re someone who suffers from nasal congestion or inflammation, an essential oil diffuser can help you breathe easier. And because of the ‘adaptogenic’ qualities of essential oils, a diffuser can effectively super-charge your brain cells to combat depression and lethargy.

Considerations When Choosing an Essential Oil Diffuser

Ease of Use and Maintenance

The ideal essential oil diffuser should make the blending process easy for users. Also, the product shouldn’t be a hassle to maintain, especially when you switch from blending one type of essential oil to another. Many quality diffusers have a relatively quiet operation and straightforward controls that allow even first-time users to use the product easily. Having a clear and concise manual also helps users to understand how to use and take care of the device, which in turn prolongs the lifespan of the product.


Aesthetics matters just as much as functionality when it comes to diffusers. They’re the kind of gadget you keep around in your home or office because they’re aromatic and pleasant to look at. You are spoiled for choice with the many different designs to choose from. Some have special lights that further provide a relaxing ambiance, and there are models that resemble small carvings or figurines.


Aside from being used for aromatherapy, some models of essential oil diffusers can perform others tasks aside from creating micro-sized droplets of oil-infused water. If you want a versatile diffuser, it’s a good idea to choose one that has add-ons that can be purchased separately. You can also find products that already include an essential oil so you can immediately use the diffuser after purchase. Others may even include as many as three complimentary essential oils. Bear in mind that most companies advise against the use of citrus-based essential oils since they tend to corrode the plastic. We suggest that consumers first research on this to make a more educated buying decision.

Below are some useful features commonly found in essential oil diffusers:

  • Timer – some people only need their diffusers to run for a few minutes at a time. A timer lets you do this without constantly having to check the time. This also saves your precious essential oils so they don’t run out by accident.
  • Airflow Control – this is useful for controlling how the essential oils are released into the air.
  • Auto Shutoff – essential oil diffusers that shut off by itself are convenient because they save you from worrying about the unit burning up and causing accidents at home.
  • Area Coverage – this is an important feature to consider since you don’t want to get a product that covers more space than is needed. If you want to diffuse essential oils for a small room, then it isn’t necessary to spend more money for a product that covers a larger area.
  • Oil Capacity – some units may come with a capacity of 100 ml, which is smaller compared to most diffusers. A generous oil capacity would range anywhere between 300 to 500 ml, while the average capacity is somewhere closer to 250 ml.

The basic of function of all diffusers is to disperse their contents into the air and create a wonderful aromatic experience. Their main difference can be found in their design and features, which usually affect the price point of the products. Expensive diffusers may contain impressive art work and state-of-the-art features that can’t be found in budget models. We suggest that shoppers first decide on a fixed budget and then consider which features they’d like to have in their essential oil diffuser. Getting one that has a built-in timer is a good choice, and they are usually affordable.

The 5 Best Essential Oil Diffusers in 2020

Top Pick:

ZAQ Dew Essential Oil Diffuser

Price: $40.95
  • Dewdrop­-shape is topped by multi­color LED lights that inspire, refresh and invigorate
  • LiteMist aromatherapy system silently mists essential oils into your space
  • As a mid­sized diffuser (7.1′′ x 4.2′′), it is the perfect size for your home-­office, work space, conference room, hotel lobby or massage parlor.
  • Energy efficient, this 80ml capacity machine runs for up to 4 hours before needing to be refilled-and the auto shut off ensures safe operating, even if you forget it’s on (because it’s so quiet)
  • ZAQ Dew is BPA free and made of safe, health-­friendly materials

The ZAQ Dew Essential Oil Diffuser bags first place on our review because of its perfect balance of form and function. There’s no denying that this is one of the most attractive products in its price point, too! For an essential oil diffuser that costs less than $40, it’s packed with plenty of benefits for your health and your wallet. Operating this device is as easy as pressing a button! If you’ve never owned a diffuser before, you’re not likely to get intimidated using this one. The product comes with clear instructions on how you can properly clean and maintain the product so you’re guaranteed years of satisfied use. It’s also one of the quieter models on the market today, and the many reviews from happy users will tell you the same. Cheaply-made diffusers have a tendency of heating up. For that reason, manufacturer’s advice against placing the gadget anywhere your kids can reach it. But the ZAQ Dew Essential Oil Diffuser is one exception because it stays cool to the touch while running and even turns itself on when the water in the reservoir has ran out. One gripe we do have about the unit is that it feels rather flimsy due to its lightweight material construction. Some may not consider this a major problem, but we would still suggest keeping the diffuser away from edges of tables to avoid breaking it. For what it’s worth, the performance of the ZAQ Dew Essential Oil Diffuser combined with its reasonable price and elegant design make this a buying decision you won’t regret.

MIU COLOR 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser

Price: $32.99
  • 7 Colorful LED Lights, each color has bright and slight types.
  • Large 500ml water capacity
  • Application: living room, bed room, office, yoga, home decor, etc.
  • Large Mist: Using high quality ultrasonic atomizing sheet.
  • Powerful features: 5 timer settings so you can more fully control the output and timing of your diffuser.
  • Automatic Shutoff Feature
  • Features a Cold Fog Technology that does not harm the essential oil of any ingredients

The MIU Color Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser is another product that has racked up many positive reviews from health and wellness fans. With close to a thousand reviews and a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, you can bet that this diffuser is as reliable as they come. Another aspect we loved was the design of the product. It looks good enough for you to leave out in your office or bedroom as a decorative piece, and the internal lighting can be changed to one of seven different colors – that’s one color for every day of the week! Aside from its impressive design, the MIU Color Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser also comes with convenient features such as a timer setting. You can’t input into the device the duration you want it to run, but you can, however, choose from five different presets. The presets already provide plenty of flexibility and ease of mind since the diffuser is programmed to automatically shutoff once the timer runs out. The auto shutoff adds another quality to this product: energy-efficiency. You can rest assured that the diffuser won’t consumer more energy than it needs to, allowing you to save cash on energy bills. The MIU Color Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser comes with what the manufacturer calls the “Cold Fog Technology”. This technology supposedly creates a much purer aroma from your essential oils than other diffusers and lets you reap more of the natural benefits. In our opinion, this diffuser is a fantastic choice for frequent meditators and provides a soothing illumination for when you need to relax and unwind.

BriteLeafs 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier

Price: $25.99
  • 2016 New Improved Version with stronger mist and more efficient essential oil breakdown
  • 2-in-1 ultrasonic aroma diffuser humidifier creates instant relaxing aromatherapy by adding essential oils (10ml lavender essential oil included)
  • Whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation, Advanced ultrasonic diffusing technology with auto-shut off when water level is low, 4 Timer settings: 180 minutes, 120 minutes, 60 minutes and 30 minutes. 6 soothing color lights to choose
  • Humidifier provides moisture for Dry Cough, Sinus Irritation, Dry Skin
  • 2016 New Improved Version with stronger mist and more efficient essential oil breakdown, High capacity water tank: 100ml, Perfect for room up to 220 sq. ft. Compact size: 5.5″(H)x3.2″(W)

If what you’re looking for is a product that can function both as a diffuser and humidifier, the BriteLeafs 2-in-1 Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier is a good choice. It’s one of the quietest units we’ve come across, and it looks absolutely stunning inside a meditation room with its elegant art work and soft lighting. According to the company, this product is an improved version with a much better diffusing and humidifying performance. The water tank isn’t that big, but it can easily spread its contents in a 220-sq. ft. room. The BriteLeafs 2-in-1 Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier is one of the most popular diffusers on Amazon today, with a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars and over a thousand positive reviews. A lot of the reviews comment on how great this product looks next to a nightstand, and how powerfully it fills a room with the scent of your choice. This product already comes with a lavender-scented essential oil, but consumers suggest to get a higher quality essential oil and get rid of the one that comes with the product. The device can run up to 180 minutes with its 100-ml water capacity, which is enough for most people. If you suffer from coughing from coughing spells or breathing problems, you’ll soon be breathing a lot easier using the BriteLeafs 2-in-1 Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier.

Now Foods Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

Price: $35.97
  • BPA-free and utilizes high-frequency ultrasonic electrical vibrations to create an ultra-fine aromatherapy mist
  • Doesn’t utilize heat, which maintains essential oil integrity and holistic properties
  • Perfect for daily and year-round use
  • Unit needs to be completely cleaned after each use

The Now Foods Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser is another quality diffuser that’s both attractive and reliable. Instead of using heat, this product uses ultrasonic vibrations to diffuse the oils. The company states that it isn’t necessary to use fancy water to get the most out of this unit. You can use tap water and still be satisfied with the diffusion it makes. Now Foods Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser is a BPA-free product that’s surprisingly durable and can be used immediately without hassle. The container is nicely-shaped and built with 6 rotating LED lights which you can pause or shut off any time you want. It also shuts off automatically when the unit runs out of water. The unit covers up to 250 square feet of room space and runs with a slight humming noise that’s more soothing than distracting. Overall, we think this product has a more modern look than other diffusers and will surely be loved by aromatherapy enthusiasts.

QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Price: $49.95
  • 200 ml oil capacity; Operates up to 8-10 hours
  • Automatic shut-off; energy efficient and safe to use at night
  • Soothing light can be set to preferred brightness or turned off entirely; Can also be set to “breathing” that gradually increases and decreases the brightness of the light for meditative purposes
  • Calming green color that lets it blend in with most meditative décor

The QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is another nicely-shaped product that diffuses essential oils well. This unit can hold up to 200 ml of water in its reservoir and automatically shuts off when the water runs low. This feature is a useful one, especially if you intend to use the product at night time while you sleep. The LED light that emanates from this diffuser is comforting. Its brightness can be changed from dim to bright, or you can turn off the light so the device solely functions as a diffuser. The QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser also has a “breathing” mode that slowly reduces and increases the brightness level – kind of like a pulsing effect. This feature is useful for people who want to purchase a diffuser that’s ideal for meditation or relaxation purposes. There have been some complaints about the oil being difficult to clean from the diffuser, but apparently, this wasn’t a problem for many of the other consumers who gave this product glowing reviews and ratings. At $50, it’s one of the best diffusers you can find at this price point and a must-have for health and wellness fans.