How To Remove Underarm Hair With An Epilator

Of all the hairy body parts you’d want to epilate, it’s the underarm that’s most problematic. For starters, the skin in this region is very supple, which is why it follows your motion as you razor, wax, or epilate it. Having said that, there are a couple of things you can do to make it a notch or two easier.

To begin, exfoliate (for other body parts) or dry your skin on the same day you have to epilate. This is very important: You should epilate on completely dry skin. Don’t do it in the shower or right after taking a bath when your underarm’s skin is damp and even more supple. Miss this part and you could end up with stubbles after epilation.

If exfoliating is out of the question for health concerns, you could take a warm  shower instead. While it does damp the skin, warm water opens the pores and softens the hair, which makes it easier to get rid of the hair. If you do plan to go down this route, it’s highly advisable that you use a coarse body scrub or a loofa. This will help you get an even neater epilation.

For Beginners

If you’re just starting out with underarm epilation, it’s highly reommended that you epilate the night or day before you have to put on that sleeveless dress or swimsuit. During your initial epilation, you may experience a lot of redness and pain. This is natural so keep your cool. However, as your underarms grow quite used to the process, it will be eventually pain-free. This allows you to get rid of underarm hair whenever you want – while watching TV; listening to the radio; or even while on the phone with a friend.

Key Points To Remember

  • Always hold the epilator at 90 degrees. Keep it opposite to the direction of the hair and close to the skin.
  • For underarm hairs that are tougher than the average, go over it a couple of times until you’re satisfied with the result
  • Additionally, you also want stretch the skin with your other hand when epilating. This applies to all body parts – underarms; arms and legs; elbows; etc. Stretching your skin makes it easier for the epilator to cut through the hair while preventing the skin from following the motion.
  • Use your other hand to feel the hair in your underarms. You won’t believe how sensitive your fingers and hands are – and they can help you pinpoint if there’s any hair left and where.

Handling Irritation

If your underarms get very red, sensitive, or the whole process is agonizing, use an ice pack after the procedure. This would mute the pain by a great deal. Just a reminder however: Freeze the ice pack about 2 hours before you use it. Most epilators come with an ice pack, but if yours doesn’t, you can just use a towel and throw some ice with it. Eventually, your underarms will get used to epilation that it will not need any ice pack. Whichever the case however, don’t forget to dry your underarm’s skin before epilating again.

Other Tips You May Find Useful

As much as possible, epilate when your underarm hair is short – it will be less painful and you’ll get much better results compared to epilating with full hair growth.

If for some reason you have to deal with full hair growth, it’s best to shave first then move ahead with your epilator to clear off the leftovers. If you still want to use an epilator exclusively, move it very fast on your skin. It will be painful, but the pain period would be significantly shorter. If there are any leftover hairs, take a break until the pain subsides, then work on removing them.

Also, if you find epilation really painful, it’s highly recommended that you switch between underarms. If you’re epilating your left underarm and it’s very painful, switch to the right underarm and get back to the other one once you’re done. Oh! And never use an epilator during  your period – take the pain you’re experiencing and multiply that by a hundred. It’s excruciating!


If your body gets sweaty (first-time fears maybe?) during epilation, don’t worry. A bit of talcum powder thrown into your underarms can go a long way.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to getting rid of pesky and persistent underarm hair, epilation seems to be a better solution than waxing or shaving. Having said that, there are minor risks you need to keep in mind. But with the tips outlined here, all the pain, redness, and sensitivity can be significantly reduced.

In time, epilating and getting that smooth, hair-free underarm will be as stress-free and natural as breathing.

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