Oh well, hair has grown in your upper lips. It’s not really a huge problem – until you realize that you’re a woman and you have a moustache. Fortunately, getting rid of upper lip hair can be easily with an epilator. Read on and see what is an epilator; what results you can expect from epilating your upper lips; how to pick the right epilator; and how to perform upper lip epilation correctly.

What’s An Epilator In The First Place!?

A handheld electrical device, an epilator holds a bunch of up to 70+ tweezers – all meant to remove hair on body parts where you don’t want them. Like a tweezer, it grasps hair and pulls them out…only this time, you have a few dozen tweezers working simultaneously. The hair  removal process isn’t very sexy, but it is efficient.

An epilator comes with a big rotating piece also known as the head. On the head, you will find tiny half-discs – and there are many of them – that work like tweezers. As the head moves in a circular motion, the half-discs come together and apart. They grab the hair closest to them and rotates – removing hairs and their follicles as they pass over them.

Bottom line, epilation works like tweezing (on steroids) or waxing. But while it is efficient at removing hair and the roots, it still depends on how fine the strands are. Sometimes, there are hairs that tugged off of the skin. The epilator just cuts them off just like normal tweezing or waxing. If you’re used to tweezers and don’t have any problems with it, using an epilator is something you should strongly consider.

Epilating Your Upper Lips – What Results Can You Expect

The results brought by shaving and hair removal creams can only last for two days. While it’s easy, it can be utterly annoying and time consuming especially if you have to do it several times a week.

If you want a hair removal method that can keep your upper lips free from unwanted hair, getting an epilator is the first step in the right direction. For starters, you get results similar to professional waxing. It removes the hairs from the root, which means you’ll enjoy smooth facial skin for several weeks instead of just several days.

Moreover, with an epilator, you don’t have to worry about possible infections or the risk of burning your skin – risks that are always present when you’re waxing.

Not All Epilators Are Created Equal

Yes. If you want to remove the excess hair on your upper lips efficiently and hassle-free, you need to pick the right epilator. Facial hair is kind of hard to remove especially if you’re using the bigger epilators in the market. For getting rid of upper lip hair, here are some guidelines for picking an epilator:

  • First, look for a model that has a smaller surface area. The small form factor  allows you to move it easily across your upper lip and around the contours of your face.
  • Pick an epilator that comes with multiple speed settings. How effective an epilator is also depends on your facial hair. You might need a slower or faster speed depending on your facial hair.
  • Go for a model whose tweezers are located on the inside of its head. Using an epilator whose tweezers are outside the head or whose head is separated from the body can lead to cuts or pinches in facial skin.

Upper Lip Epilation Guidelines

After picking the right epilator for the job, read the following tips and tricks. Different parts of the body require different technique. For keeping your upper lip hair free with an epilator, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • Before epilating your upper lip or other regions of your face, it’s best to test your facial skin first. Otherwise, you may suffer from bumps, rashes, etc. Now, if you’ve been epilating your facial skin for some time now, then this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Don’t wait until your upper lip hair reached full hair growth before epilating. If it’s 2 to 3 mm long, it’s time to epilate. If your facial hair gets longer, it’s best to shave or trim it down so you’d have an easier time epilating.
  • For epilating your upper lip (or any part of your face for that matter), it’s highly recommended that you use a ‘wet and dry’ epilator. This makes epilating on moist skin a lot more manageable. Moreover, such a model allows you to dip it in the water – making the whole process as safe and convenient as shaving while delivering better results.
  • When epilating your upper lip, go through area quickly. Also, don’t forget to epilate on the same direction as your hair growth. In this case, you should epilate from top to bottom.If you’re looking to buy an epilator, check out our home page for epilator reviews