Do Epilators Cause Ingrown Hairs?

This is a question that’s been on the heads of many individuals.  Of specific note is whether the epilator causes ingrown hair or if specific people may be going about it the incorrect way. Well, the response to this querstion is fairly straightforward; it’s accurate that ingrown hair may happen from every kind of hair removal procedure. Nevertheless, it’s an event that’s common with epilators. Having said that, if you follow the appropriate processes subsequently an epilator may simply turn out to be one of your largest strengths.

Steps to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Measure 1

The initial step to prevention would be to exfoliate your skin before the epilation procedure itself begins. Any other debris on the skin obstructs hair follicles is additionally removed. This procedure can be done as a routine during day-to-day bath.

Measure 2

The second measure would be to shave hair off as shave often as possible to prevent any chance of epilating. This can be done fairly by simply using shaving foam or gel. It’s vital that you shave in the direction of hair growth, while shaving.

Measure 3

Measure number three would include moisturizing your skin after each shower as well as after epilating. Research proposes that moisturizers are favored since three don’t clog your pores.

Measure 4

As an added care choice, you should apply an over the counter salicylic acid lotion to your skin. You should use a thin film of salicylic acid, duplicating the movement at least one time a day after epilating

Measure 5

This goes quite a distance in reducing the speed of disease that could happen.

Advice and Tips

There are several things which you must do to ensure that you simply do away with ingrown hair from epilators. A few of these include:

  • Taking great care of the epilators themselves reduce the likelihood of getting ingrown hair. In exactly the same vein, if anything is tweaked only a bit, you might have trouble.

Keeping the unit clean before use is among the other matters an individual must consider to prevent any issues. It’s particularly crucial that you follow the directions of the maker regarding the cleaning procedure since every time you remove a hair follicle; the unit opens up for assault by bacteria. Cleaning correctly is your manner of keeping the bacteria from the unit. Also, using it regularly makes it more easy to use with time.

  • Another point to notice is that the skin should be tight.

The logic behind this is that in the event the skin is tight during the procedure, removing the hair root from the chance of removing the follicle cleanly is greater than that of simply breaking it under the skin.

Some of the other care alternatives you should learn include:

Use some toner after you epilate. This generally helps in preventing ingrown hair since it shuts the pore in the procedure keeping bacteria away and to the  follicle.
Routine exfoliation also helps in keeping the orientation of the hairs in a good position.

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