Braun Series-7 Xpressive 7281 Wet & Dry Epilator Review

The Braun Silk-epil Xpressive 7281 epilator is a relatively popular addition to Braun’s line of Silk-epil epilators, and boasts more features than every other model they offer.

One of the main selling points of this device, and one that sets it apart from a great many in Braun’s range – and indeed from other epilators on the market in general – is the fact that it’s a wet and dry epilator. This, as the name suggests, means the tool can be used either on dry or wet skin. Wet-use epilators are often preferred by many users, because using epilators this way is alleged by many to be a much more pleasant and comfortable experience than epilating dry skin.

The second most notable feature of this model is the fact that it’s cordless. This is primarily a safety by-product of the fact it can be used on wet skin, as mains electricity and water obviously don’t mix, but being cordless addresses a lot of complaints traditionally expressed by epilator users; the last thing you want when engaging in an intimate, precise and sometimes uncomfortable practice such as epilation, is to have to be manoeuvring around and constantly de-tangling a long, fiddly, awkward cable.

Beyond this, the epilator comes complete with all the standard features which you might expect from a modern device, including Braun’s proprietary technologies which go some way as to make the whole epilation process a little more convenient, carefree and comfortable. We’ll discuss some of these features now.

First up is Braun’s proprietary hair-lift system. Traditionally, epilators were guilty of leaving many hairs untouched, if they were too short, too fine or simply positioned at the wrong angle. This necessitated multiple passes over the same area of skin, and even then the result wasn’t perfect. With the hair-lift technology, all hairs – regardless of their size, length or direction of growth – are lifted up and positioned at just the right angle as to be easily accessible by the epilators tweezer mechanism. Not only does this reduce the number of (and in some cases, eradicate completely) any rogue and persistent hairs that may otherwise have stayed put, but it means you’ll seldom have to make multiple passes over the same area of skin, because they’ll all have been efficiently plucked the first time round! This saves a lot of time, effort and cuts down on the amount of irritation you might otherwise have felt by running the epilator over a patch of previously epilated skin, which would often be quite sensitive to the touch, by this point.

The SmartLight LED also features on this product, and that’s simply a light designed specifically for the purpose of illuminating those same pesky, resilient hairs, so that they’re easy for you to see, and gives you the increased peace of mind that what you see is what you’re getting.

Product features

  • Wet or dry use.
  • Pivoting head, which better aligns the epilation-head with the contours of your body.
  • Hair-lift system, which speeds up the epilation process, and ensures greater accuracy and efficiency without the need for multiple “passes” over the same area of skin.
  • SoftLight, which highlights fine and otherwise hard-to-see hairs, and ensures a better epilation result.
  • Fully washable, to prolong longevity of product, and increases hygiene.
  • Free Olay skin wipes, which make for a smoother and more comfortable experience, and reduces the likelihood of skin rash.
  • Built-in massaging systems stimulates and soothes the skin immediately before and after epilation, which significantly reduces skin sensitivity, and increases comfort.
  • Shaver head and trimmer cap for for trimming hairs to optimal length prior to epilation, and/or for use on those extra-sensitive areas you may wish to avoid epilating at all.

This Braun Silk-epil 7281 Wet & Dry cordless epilator (SE7281WD) boasts the full array of standardised features you’d expect from a modern device, as well as all of those which are specific to Braun’s epilators and that have contributed to the Silk-epil range becoming some of the most popular, respected and comfortable lines on the market. It comes highly recommended, as confirmed by a multitude of glowing reviews across many retailers’ websites.  However, it is currently out of production and comes with a hefty price tag well around $135, which is only recommended for people who have some real serious epilation needs

Check it out below!