Braun Silk-Épil 7 – Model 7681 Wet and Dry Epilator

Here we are folks, the holy grail of hair removal devices.   As discussed endlessly on our site, Braun is known for high-quality products which push the technological envelope.  Today, we’ll be discussing the award-winning Silk-Epil Xpressive – the 7681, arguably the most well-balanced hair removal product on the market.

Tip: Model Identification

As highly regarded as Braun is for the epilators it makes, the company does a less stellar job when it comes to identifying their models. This is particularly true with the 7 series, because it actually includes two different types of epilators. The best way to classify them is by their model numbers:

  • Model 7181 – Intended only for use on the legs.
  • Model 7681 – Intended for use on the full body.

In this review, we are focusing on the Silk-Epil 7681 model. It is what we believe to be the most deluxe epilator on the market.

What’s in the Box?

The Silk-Épil 7 – Model 7681 is a full-featured epilator. Its key features include:

  • 40 Tweezers
  • Wet and dry use
  • Cordless – up to 40 minutes of use
  • Pivoting head
  • Washable head
  • SmartLight technology to identify missed hairs as epilating is occurring
  • Massage system
  • 2 year warranty
  • Olay cooling wipes for use after epilating is concluded
  • Cap accessory for shaving
  • Cap accessory for trimming
  • Cap accessory for facial epilating
  • Cap accessory for epilating sensitive areas
  • Pouch to hold the epilator and accessories

Braun’s Claims

Braun suggests the 7681 is superior to other brands because it is designed to remove even the smallest of hairs. This includes hairs as small as 0.5 millimeters in length, roughly the height of a grain of sand. They say they can achieve this target by using patented SoftTips which rake the hair off the skin into an upright position, where the tweezers can grab and remove the hairs by their roots. Perhaps most importantly, Braun suggests that just one session of hair removal using the Silk-Épil 7 will leave your skin smooth and hairless for up to four weeks.


The Braun 7681 is an impressive epilator. It stands out from other models because it not only performs well, but also offers features not found with other brands. The positive characteristics of this epilator can be broken down into three areas: superior design approach, use of lighting, and practical features.


We really liked the design of the Silk-Épil 7. Unlike many manufacturers who simply cram as many tweezers as possible into their epilators, Braun clearly understands that the real issue is how the epilator lifts hairs sitting flat on the skin into a vertical position, where the tweezers can then grab and remove the follicle.

With Braun’s epilator, the answer is both simple and effective. The head rotates not only tweezers, but also a set of “SoftTips” which look like upside-down mushrooms with a flat top. As the epilator is pushed across the skin, the SoftTips lift the hairs on the skin to a vertical position so the tweezers can do their work.

Use of Lighting

Braun has added another feature that is simple, but a real advantage compared to many other models – the SmartLight. When women are asked about what they don’t like about epilators, one major complaint is lack of light on the skin. Many women are forced to sit in odd positions or grip small flashlights between their teeth just so they can see whether the epilator is actually grabbing all the hair or if it has missed spots.

The Braun Silk-Épil 7 SmartLight actually isn’t “smart.” It’s simply a small light that shines on the skin the epilator has just passed over. Although this is common sense, it makes a world of difference when you can see if any touch-up is required while you’re epilating, instead of noticing missed spots when it’s too late to do anything about them.

Practical Features

The Braun 7681 has several other practical features which deserve a thumbs-up. We liked that it’s cordless, since you can often end up feeling like you are in a battle with a boa constrictor when using an epilator with a cord. Additionally, we were pleased that it can be used for either wet or dry hair removal.

It also comes with two speed settings. With most epilators, the device is either on or off. That can be a problem when removing skin from sensitive areas. With the Silk-Épil 7, you can choose between a “fast” setting for normal use and a “soft” setting for more sensitive skin, like along the bikini line.

Trimmed hair manages to get into just about every possible nook and cranny of any epilator, and we’ve wrestled with plenty of them to get them clean. Fortunately, cleaning the 7681 model is very easy. You can simply pop off the cap over the tweezers and run the epilator under water to remove any hairs since it’s a wet/dry model. Braun includes a cleaning brush to get at any hard-to-clean spots as well.

As for Braun’s claim that your skin can remain smooth for a full month after using their Silk-Épil 7 – they’re right. We were very satisfied.


While we find the Braun Silk-Épil 7 to be a high-quality epilator, there are a few potential negatives.

In some ways, this epilator may be too good. As you probably know, the first few sessions with any epilator can be painful as hairs are pulled out of the skin. With the Braun, initial epilating sessions can be more painful than you might expect, because it performs better than most of its competitors and actually pulls out the great majority of hairs it grabs on the first try. Most other epilators simply break many of the hairs on your skin rather than removing them completely, which means you’ll soon have more painful sessions with lesser epilators when those broken hairs grow back quickly. The end result with the Braun 7681 is smoother skin which really can last a full month, but you should be aware that your first encounter with this model may be a bit more painful than with other epilators.

We love the cordless design for this unit. The one potential downside, however, is the battery life. The device can only be used for 40 minutes at a time. It then must be recharged and you cannot use the epilator while it is charging. If your hair removal sessions typically last longer than 40 minutes, you need to plan accordingly.

Depending on your budget, price can also be an issue with this epilator. It is not the most expensive on the market, but you can expect to pay in the $100 range depending on the retailer. In our opinion, the money is well spent, but there are other epilators available for less.


The Braun Silk-Épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator is one of the best epilator options on the market. We recommend it strongly to our readers.


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