Epilator Reviews
Epilators are used by many – men and women alike for the quick and smooth removal of unwanted hairs.  As a visitor to this site, you may or may not have attempted to use hair removal creams or waxing to stave off unwanted hair growth.  However, both approaches tend to have severe adverse effects.  The process of getting a wax entails endless (and expensive!) pain for people who wish to have hair removed for the first time, and using cream can lead to undesirable tanning of the skin.  In the long run, the ingredients used in hair removal creams are also cancer-inducing and can also lead to much more permanent damage to your skin.  Waxing, laser surgery, creams, and waxing are considered as valid ways of removing unwanted hair by us, and we will all of these options heavily in this site. However, from our point of view, the best way to solve the problem of excess unwanted foliage is through epilation.

A Highly Effective Means of Hair Removal

Using an epilator is quite easy, and can be done all on your own.  You can pretty much consider these devices to be high powered tweezers that are slightly more invasive in nature.  However, like waxing, the process is not entirely painless and brand selection is extremely important.

Where should I go to buy one?  How do I choose one?  Which one is ideal for me?

There are some things to consider before you decide to choose a brand.  You can typically find one in your local store, but the type you choose must be appropriate for your personal preference and purpose.  Choosing a correct model begins by considering the two forms they come in, the turning disc and the tweezer.

The rotating disc is the classic electric removal tool.  In a spinning disc design, the motor in the device rotates a disc rapidly, causing it to flex as it rotates. Moving the rotating disc across the skin caused the hairs to be caught up in the plate and pulled out.  On the other hand, the tweezer model is a highly modern take on the classic spring/plate designs.  In more modern models, the plate mechanism has instead evolved into a cluster of high powered electric mini-tweezers that cleanly pluck out unwanted hairs.

An excellent example of a spinning disc type model would be the classic Epilady.  The Braun Silk-epil (numerous models) are classic representations of the tweezer type design.

Cordless and Rechargeable variants – A cordless model clearly offers higher adaptability and mobility and a great deal more portability.  Cordless devices typically maintain just enough charge for a 30 minute session.  The downside to using these is that the reduced power intake may cause some pretty painful pulls once the power gets low to an already painful and delicate process.

Safety – What precautions must be taken?

When actually using the device, you have to be extra careful not to yank too much of a clump at once.  There’s nothing quite like that sharp jolt of pain when you yank a clump too hard at an awkward angle.   assume some inconvenience when removing wavy hair using this technique, moderately generally this could depend in your skins affect-ability and effects people in distinctive ways.

In the event that you are a person cursed with excessive hairiness or coarse hair texture, the more costly brands might legitimately be more useful.  That’s not to say that expensive models are always more helpful, but they do tend to include features that make utility and managing pain much more doable.  For example, most of the higher end brands include features such as cap heads and pace control, both of which are great boons in the process.  Look below for some detailed reviews of popular brands including Braun, Emjoi, Panasonic, Remington, and Philips epilators.  We are determined to help you find the best hair removal methods for your needs, and have written countless reviews and other hair removal guides to help you get started.

Choosing a Model

Unfortunately for us, a completely flawless device does not exist.  That is not to say that all lines are terrible, just that choosing a device is completely dependent on the individual.  It is a completely personal choice as to what brand, price range, and features are important.  We have a growing compendium of models at Epilator Reviews, which will help you narrow your selection criteria based on characteristics important to you.

Criteria 1 – Corded vs Cordless/Rechargeable

Corded devices need to be plugged in during use, and usually offer more power and a smoother epilating session.  On the flipside, you have cordless, rechargeable models which are convenient and easy to pack, which makes them excellent to take along while traveling.

Criteria 2 – Tweezer Number

Oftentimes, you’ll find that more expensive models will boast a higher tweezer count.  What this translates into is a much higher removal rate over large areas, which will save time and lead to shorter sessions.  The downside is that removing a large amount of hair at a time will also be much more painful.  We recommend that you invest in a mid-range line on your first device.   The best models for new users have a tweezer count below 40, which helps you familiarize yourself with the pain before going for a model with a large amount of tweezers.

Criteria 3 – Wet and Dry

Do you prefer shaving in the shower, or do you prefer shaving on dry skin?  That’s an important question to ask while choosing a unit.  Cordless, Wet and Dry lines are a requirement for epilation in a wet environment.  It is obviously ill-advised to use one in the shower while it’s plugged in.  These devices must be fully charged before being used so it doesn’t die in the middle of your session.  If you prefer using one on dry skin, on the other hand, a corded model will offer greater power and skip the entire charging process.

Criteria 4 – Specialization vs Versatility

It is very important to take your “problem areas” into consideration when choosing a model.  Often, a specific head is made for separate parts of the body.  Some can be used to certain effect on all parts of the body, while others are specialized to be used only in sensitive areas such as the bikini line or armpits.  Check the specifications of a product to determine if it targets the parts of your body you want to use it on.

Criteria 5 – A Massage Function

It seems kind of silly to take something like a massage function into your selection criteria, but unexpectedly, it turns out to be unbelievably helpful in reducing pain and friction during a session.  We recommend you look for a model with a massage function to create an easier and less painful first experience.

Criteria 6 – Price

A lower range device generally retails at around $50, mid range usually runs around $70-$90, and high range models run into the low $100s.  Other than the standard fare, most of the major manufacturers also produce “miniepilators” with around 5 to 10 tweezers, typically priced around the $20 range.  We recommend a mid-range model for first time users and a high range device for those that are already familiar with invasive methods such as waxing or surgery.

Criteria 7 – Noise
These things can be surprisingly loud as we found out when we began to test them.  Their noise levels can range from that of a typical razor (for the really expensive and well designed ones) to that of a small vacuum cleaner.  Naturally, the psychological effects of a loud device can make the experience more painful and unpleasant than it already is.

Final Notes

When hunting for the best epilator, we consider it vital to look for a product that has a screen attachment.  The screen keeps the skin steady while the tweezers pull out the hair, causing less pain, irritation, and stretching.  A shaver and trimmer attachment also helps a lot, which will greatly reduce the amount of discomfort you experience with hair removal.  We hope that our site has or will have proven to be informative, and that we can help you find the best hair removal product for your needs.