Black and Decker electric griddle reviewDo you have a big family to feed every morning? Do they constantly nag you to make pancakes for them but you just don’t have the time to prepare so many to feed the entire family? We know how you feel, and we think the solution to your problem is none other than the Black & Decker GR100 Family-Sized Nonstick Electric Griddle.

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This appliance has a lot of interesting features, including a family-sized cooking surface with a measurement of 21 by 10 inches, dishwasher safe parts, and a built-in warming tray. You’ll notice that a lot of today’s models of countertop grills and griddles have a nonstick surface. That’s because it’s virtually an industry standard to make your kitchen cooking easier. The Black and Decker family-size griddle is a very affordable piece of equipment that can cook regular pancakes but probably won’t impress anyone when it comes to cooking fatty or greasy foodtypes.

Its accurate temperature controls boast a heating ability of up to 400 degrees, but coming from a cheaply-made and cheaply-bought product such as this one, we don’t really see its heating performance as one of its good features since the wide space and overall build doesn’t seem to evenly cook anything. I guess you really can’t expect perfection from a unit that’s been mass-produced to just cook simple recipes the way a normal electric griddle should.

The generous cooking space is one thing we do appreciate with this unit. You can cook different food simultaneously, which cuts down your food preparation time. This is good during busy mornings when you find yourself with not a lot of time to get everyone fed before getting on with your busy day. Cook your bacon, eggs, and pancakes on this large unit and you are sure to wake the family up with the appetizing smell.

black & decker countertop grill and griddleSince we’re done highlighting some of the positive aspects of this Black & Decker griddle, it’s time we take a look at the things that don’t really appeal to most of the reviewers who’ve rated this on Amazon. Because of its low-quality construction, this unit is just not meant to last long. If you can get it to run for a year, then great, but a lot of the people who’ve bought this say it’s good for about a couple of months. After that, the so-called nonstick surface turns into a sticky-monster, making your bacon stick and thus makes the cleaning process all that much harder.

Another thing to expect is very uneven cooking. The cold and hot spots will dominate the surface like nobody’s business and instead of making your morning routine easier, cleaning up this machine will probably be a source of stress and frustration for you.

In the end, we’d like to tell our shoppers to invest a few more bucks for a better quality electric griddle that can actually cook things right. Most electric pancake griddle reviews that have the Black & Decker griddle on their list will tell you the same thing. The size and price is phenomenal and we agree with that 100%, but if you’re looking for convenience and great performance, then you may want to look for another electric skillet.

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