Owning a ceiling fan is one of the more sensible methods of keeping your home cool and comfortable all year long. A product of the industrial revolution, this simple yet charming home comfort device is still a main piece in many homes even in this age of virtual comforts. It is a unique combination of a cooling device and a quaint addition to the decoration of the house, making it a wonderful investment for people who value comfort and class.


The steady sound of the paddles and quiet whirl brings back memories of those lazy, sultry afternoons you used to spend in your parents’ living room as a child. And the charm of the ceiling fan goes way beyond just circulating air. It also plays a big part in keeping the household energy bills down.

During winter time, warm air tends to rise and gets trapped by the ceiling. This is where ceiling fans come in handy. Most models are designed with a reverse direction option that brings the warm air down and keeps the room at a comfortable temperature without straining the furnace. While in summer, the fan can be used together with an air conditioner to help keep the room cool while cutting back a little on air conditioning bills.

But like any innovation, the ceiling fan has seen significant changes. They now have better materials, more durable motors, better designs and finishes, and even intuitive controls that allow the ceiling fan to adapt to your every need. The designs, styles, configurations, and sizes to choose from are virtually endless. That is why we have come up with a few guidelines you can use to select the fan that is perfect for you and your home.

Considerations When Choosing a Ceiling Fan

Size and Location

As a common rule, a 52-inch fan is good for a 400-foot square room; 225 square feet of area would require a 44-inch fan, while a 42-inch fan is good for 144 square feet.

The best possible location for a ceiling fan should be at the center of the room.  The fan blades should be at least 24 inches from walls or ceilings to circulate the air effectively. Ideally, the fan should be 7 feet from the floor. If this is not possible or the house has a tall ceiling, you can use a drop rod to ensure that the fan is 7 feet off the floor.

Fan Support or Mounting

A ceiling fan can be heavy and if you add the centrifugal motion, then hanging the fan can be quite a task. You need to make sure that the ceiling attachments are made of sturdy and quality materials so that the fan can be installed correctly to minimize accidents.


Ceiling fan prices range anywhere from $40 upwards depending on the quality you want. A good fan can easily cost you $100, but the good news is that you can rest assured that it’s made from high quality materials and parts. Some ceiling fans will come in very attractive and lasting finishes that will make you want to show it off to anyone who comes to visit.

When choosing a ceiling fan to buy, make sure you take a good look at the motor. Ideally, it should run quietly and smoothly so you can use it without being bothered. The problem with inexpensive ceiling fans is that they come with motors that tend to break down after a few months of use. Many also report wobbling and a noticeable humming sound even when running the fan at low speeds. If this is something you’d like to avoid as much possible, your best bet is to get a fan that’s a little more expensive.

We recommend that you choose a fan with a motor that doesn’t require lubrication. These types of fans are usually fitted with sealed bearings and can run for a good number of years without any hiccups.


When it comes choosing the perfect ceiling fan for your needs, you should always consider the warranty. Good companies offer generous warranties not only on the product itself, but on the motor, as well. You’ll even find that some companies offer up to 15 years of warranty on their motors.

Light or No Light

Although it’s a matter of personal preference, ceiling fans can also be a great source of light if wanted. Many models today come with either a halogen, fluorescent, or LED bulb attached that can provide added illumination to your home.


Due to various production methods, a ceiling fan is a great way to add flourish to your home while at the same time cooling the area. Today, it isn’t unusual to find fans with an antique design but made with better, higher quality material. There are also rustic designs that give out that homey feel with its straight lines and handmade designs or forged metal accents. Another option is the contemporary design which is excellent for modern areas or homes. These types of ceiling fans are characterized by fewer accents, clean-looking lines, and smooth metal finishes.

The 5 Best Ceiling Fans in 2020

Top Pick:

hunter-53091Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan

Price: $95.99
  • WhisperWind motor gives a whisper like performance with all the cooling power you need
  • Includes a Toffee colored glass bowl light kit
  • With pull chain for easy speed adjustment and on and off setting
  • Comes with 2 60W Candelabra Incandescent bulbs
  • Can be used with or without light
  • 12 degree blade pitch for maximum air movement and performance
  • Reversible motor allows for downdraft or updraft mode

Manufactured by a company with more than 125 years of experience in the fan business, the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan is a prime choice for a ceiling fan.  This 3-speed fan comes with a WhisperWind motor that packs a lot of power but with no noise at all.

It is a combination of modern design and technology and old style craftsmanship that uses the finest materials to make the best and most stylish designs. The blades are angled for maximum wind flow and come in stained oak and Brazilian cherry colors. Its 3-position mounting system can attach to any ceiling with minimum effort and is also completely safe so you don’t have to worry about installation.

The Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan’s no noise motor and durable design make this a top choice among Amazon buyers. They all agree that this ceiling fan has what it takes to get the job done while being a welcome addition to your room décor.

hampton-bay-huggerHampton Bay Hugger Black Ceiling Fan

Price: $51.95
  • Indoor fan
  • 52-inch blades for maximum cooling
  • Flush mount is perfect for low ceiling installation
  • Medium base bulb
  • Comes with 5 reversible fan blades that come in mahogany or black
  • With pull chain for quick on and off function
  • Reversible air flow function

Made by Hampton Bay, the Hugger Black Ceiling Fan is a 52-inch reversible blade fan that has a low profile with flush mount installation for a safe and secure attachment. It features an opal frosted domed light fixture that uses a medium base bulb.

Many Amazon buyers are satisfied with this modern but elegantly designed ceiling fan. It is easy to install, quiet and can cool any living space. It easily blends in with most home designs and the fan operates smoothly and without any noise. The fan also has a reversible air flow setting so it can be used all year long.

So if you are looking for a simple, elegant and easy to install ceiling fan, the Hampton Bay Hugger Black Ceiling Fan is the perfect fan for you.

westinghouseWestinghouse 7801665 Comet

Price: $94.72
  • 52-inch indoor reversible five blade ceiling fan
  • Ideal for rooms that are up to 360 square feet
  • Lifetime motor warranty and 2 year warranty on all other parts
  • Comes with two candelabra based 40 watt torpedo bulbs, 78 inch lead wire and 4 by ¾ inch down rod
  • Reversible airflow option
  • Fan and light pull chain

A product of the Westinghouse company, the Westinghouse 7801665 Comet is a product of years of experience in the appliance business.  Ideal for an 18 by 20 foot room, this reversible marble or matte black bladed fan is perfect for any room or space design.  The reversible airflow function allows it to be used any day of the year. Run it clockwise in cold weather to keep warm air circulating and counter-clockwise during the summer to stay cool.

The Westinghouse 7801665 Comet is backed by years of positive reviews from customers, which is the reason why people continue to put their trust on this product. The simple design and quiet fan are also some of the reasons behind its popularity, along with its stellar performance. It is a must-have if you’re looking for a ceiling fan that combines simplicity, performance, and durability.

hunter-fan-companyHunter Fan Company 51023 Conroy Onyx Bengal Ceiling Fan

Price: $99.00
  • 42-inch steel ceiling fan
  • Blades are coated with a special patented Dust Armor Nanotechnology that keeps dust from building up on the blades
  • Comes with 2 60-watt candelabra bulbs
  • Can be installed with or without the light kit
  • Limited lifetime motor warranty
  • WhisperWind motor provides powerful air movement without the noise
  • Reversible Airflow
  • Low profile design makes it ideal for flush mounted installation
  • Burnished Mahogany color

The Hunter Fan Company 51023 Conroy Onyx Bengal Ceiling Fan is another extremely well made ceiling fan of the Hunter Fan Company.  It embodies the Hunter Fan Company’s promise to make innovative designs using the best technology available, but keeping that unique 19th century look. With this commitment, you and all the Amazon buyers are ensured the best quality products that are tough on the inside but a pleasure to look at outside.

Another great thing about this ceiling fan is that you are guaranteed reduced cooling costs all year long. It compliments both your household heater or air conditioning unit and promotes good air circulation. This fan also comes with straightforward instructions that make it easy to assemble and mount. Per most reviewers, the unit is ideal for small rooms and only produces an almost inaudible humming sound. That’s because the Hunter Fan Company 51023 Conroy Onyx Bengal Ceiling Fan uses a special WhisperWind motor to eliminate as much noise as possible.

Many users have also expressed great satisfaction on the design of this fan.  It goes great with most room designs and can accentuate your living space by providing additional light.

westinghouse-7800000Westinghouse 7800000 Brentford Ceiling Fan

Price: $ 257.99
  • 52-inch reversible blades
  • The blades are reversible and have an aged Walnut color with clear seeded glass for the light
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors and is ideal for a 360-square foot room
  • Three fan speeds (low, medium, and high)
  • Silicone motor has a triple capacitor and comes with a reverse air flow switch
  • Lifetime motor warranty; 2 years on the rest of the parts
  • The set comes with a 3/4th inch by 4 inches lead wire, three torpedo 40-watt incandescent light bulbs and a 54-inch lead wire

This versatile ceiling fan from Westinghouse is good for indoor and outdoor attachments. The Brentford has a unique walnut finish that makes it a good addition to any room inside the house and even outside by the porch. The clear seeded glass design adds a wonderful rustic charm to the area, creating an atmosphere that takes you back to the good old days. The fan also has five weatherproof, reversible blades that come in walnut and dark cherry colors so you have an option when matching the fan with the interior design of your home.

This piece of art and craftsmanship will not only look good indoors, but in gazebos, patios and verandahs as well. While many would agree that the appearance of the Brentford ceiling fan truly makes it stand out, it also makes a name for itself with its impressive durability that lets it withstand the elements. It’s because of these qualities that the Brentford ceiling fan is one of the bestselling ceiling fans on Amazon.

This fan was built with a simple goal, to make life easier for those who buy and use this product. The Westinghouse name assures you of a product that is reliable, functional and of exceptional quality.  This is something anyone would want in their appliances. That is why this brand is well received by Amazon buyers and why this should be your choice too.