Did you know that the first bread maker was made in Japan by Panasonic in 1986? Over the next 10 years, it became popular in the Western world. Being the first to revolutionize the home-made bread making segment, you know Panasonic bread makers are among the best available in the market.

Panasonic bread makers are equipped with a variety of functions so that it will suit to the different needs of all home bakers, regardless of their experience level. Each function is controlled by the machines’ microprocessor so you will not need to guess or fret about the next step.

The company also understand that everyone likes different types of bread. Most models are equipped with different settings so you will be able to bake different kind of loaves of bread at home.

Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker

The Automatic Bread Maker is a great choice if you want a premium and basic bread maker without the bells and whistles. For more than 10 years, this machine has proven to yield excellent loaves consistently. Your bread will turn out looking good, smelling good and most importantly, taste good.

Using the machine is a breeze – everything is laid out on the control panels and very intuitive to figure out. Although there is little control on the colour the bread crust, it certainly has no qualms in baking a variety of breads including cinnamon-raisin, banana and bacon breads.

If you can’t stand noisy appliances, you will be happy to know that this Panasonic bread maker has a reputation for “being quiet”. Of course, please expect to hear a thud or two when you are using the machine – this just means that it is working.

Panasonic SD-BMS105-SW Home Bakery

This Panasonic SD YD250 Automatic Bread Machine makes the biggest loaves of the whole lot! 2.5-lb-loaves for breakfast, anyone? If you’re looking for a bread machine for your large family, then I highly recommend this one. It makes very good bread and has enough settings for variety.

The Japanese love the Home Bakery which is made from high-quality materials and comes loaded with 30 pre-programmed settings. Other than your basic and common types of breads, you will not only be able to make jams but also Japanese staples like udon and mochi! Another plus for me is that the machine’s “Quick Bake” option is able to bake breads in less than an hour.

The machine makes baking easy for you. The automatic ingredient dispenser allows you to place yeast, fruits or nuts before starting the process and have it incorporated in the dough automatically when the time comes. The delay timer is also a great feature that allows you to get fresh bread whenever you want it, even when you are not there in the kitchen to make it. Through this machine, I learnt to appreciate steamed (as opposed to baked) breads as it comes with a steam case.

The only downside is that it is on the expensive side – certainly not something to consider if you don’t have room to stretch your budget. If you are only looking for something to satiate your basic needs, you may find the functions on this machine overwhelming. Do also take note that the manual is in Japanese – you can find the English version online.

Bake Exactly What You Want

With this machine you will be sure to bake any loaf well, in the way you want it. Just look at the setting options! There are three crust shade options, two bake modes and three dough modes to make different dough types without baking. I love to make dinner rolls with this machine!

Don’t worry that you may not want to make big loaves of bread all the time, because this bread machine has three bread sizes to choose from. There are also different settings for bread: white, whole-wheat, multi-grain and French bread, and a cake setting.

You can make quick bread like banana bread or gingerbread too. And you know that everybody loves banana bread! Need the recipe? No fear. It comes with a 40-recipe booklet, which I’m sure will come in handy, and if that’s not enough, try this book of 300 bread machine recipes.

Time It for Breakfast

Pressed for time in the mornings? Use the 13-hour delay timer. I put in all the ingredients for whatever bread I feel like eating tomorrow for breakfast, then set the bread machine to start baking a few hours before I wake up.

It’s now possible to have different types of fresh, warm bread for breakfast (my favorite is buttered rum loaf and oatmeal bread) with jam and jelly. The kneading paddle does make a small hole in the loaf because I’m not there to remove it before baking starts, but for the convenience I’ve decided to overlook it.

Most of the breads take more than 3 hours to finish baking, which includes kneading and letting dough rise. Whole wheat and multi grain breads take the longest. The fastest cycle is the rapid mode for white bread, which is near two hours. I’m not worried about the time though, because it doesn’t require any intervention on my part except to add any fruits or nuts.

I just have to bake it early so I can have bread for any meal. In fact, I almost always use the standard mode instead of rapid mode because the bread comes out better textured.

Make Space for It

There is one thing though. It’s a big, solid machine. My kitchen is wonderfully spacious, but I know that not everyone has the luxury of a big kitchen, so before thinking of buying thisPanasonic SD YD250 bread maker, remember that it’s 14 x 13.5 x 9 inches. But if you do have the space and you need huge loaves to feed your hungry brood every morning, get this bread machine, you’ll love it.