Vitamix blenders have always been at the top of the line in terms of blender quality and strength; in fact they are good as professional or commercial blenders. If you blend a lot every day, it is always wise to bet on a Vitamix blender. These blenders are made to endure very heavy duty blending, such as those used in smoothie shops and other related businesses. Some of them also come with a variety of functions to help you with grinding and even food processing.

Whether you are buying a Vita Mix blender for crushing whole ice cubes or blending thirty smoothies a day, it is definitely going to be your workhorse for years to come.

But having said that, the epitome of perfection comes at an extremely heavy price tag, which will even make the most determined of buyers think twice about buying, so it is good to know whether the Vitamix blender you are buying is going to live up to its price or just be a really expensive ornament. So let’s look at a few of their large 64 ounce blenders:

Vitamix 1300 Turbo Blend 4500 Countertop Blender


The Vitamix 1300 Turbo Blend is a large blender by all standards, with a large 64 ounce jar and standing at a staggering 20-inch it easily dwarfs other countertops even before you even flip the switch.

The insane 1.85 (roughly rounded up to 2) horsepower motor of this Vitamix blender is a monster in the kitchen, at 1380 watts of raw power this will turn the hardest of food stuff into puree in well under 30 seconds, this strength is very crucial when blending of large amounts of ice cubes, hard vegetables like carrots and nuts.

With a $400 price tag you will probably ask yourself who in their right mind would wish to buy this monster of a blender. Well those who have experienced the strength of this blender first hand (no I don’t mean by putting their hands in it) will testify that the price tag is not that heavy considering its usability.

Even with all the hype, the Vitamix 1300 Turbo Blend only features 2 switches. You may wonder why a prestigious and expensive blender does not have all the bells and whistles of the other blenders. Well Vitamix clearly knows that the main purpose of a blender is to blend and not to look fancy. The two switches are on/off and high/low, everything is kept simple and solely for its original purpose; to disintegrate and pulverize. But if you wish to set the Turbo Blend to varying speeds you can do this manually with the spin dial.

The removable Poly-carbonate jar is light and easy to handle and it does not sacrifice durability at all, and the best part is you do not have to clean the blender by hand, just pour in 5 cups of water or enough to reach the stains and some cleaning fluid and turn it on; voila you have a mini washing machine that washes itself, all you have to do after that is rinse it and be on your way.

The blender when purchased, comes with a plunger for pushing down the persistent floaters that will float at the top of a blend. A little shake and push of the plunger will shove any stubborn bits into the blades immediately.

The benefits

1) Highest Quality Blender
– After researching many blender reviews, this has got to be one of the most reliable blenders. With 1380 watts of power, strong blades and designed with industrial strength, you can count on this blender.
– It can outlast many kitchen appliances.
– Its power is proven by its ability to turn anything into liquid in a matter of seconds.

2) Excellent Blending Capabilities
– At the maximum speed, it spins so fast that it pulverizes everything.
– So, you can put in pits (except peaches) and peels (except citrus, pineapple, melon and banana) into it and still receive a perfectly smooth blend with healthy extra fiber that the pits and peels provide.
– It can perform 40 different functions! It blends, cooks, churns, chops, crushes, creams, whips, mixes, dices, stirs, freezes, juices, boils, grates, grinds, minces, liquefies, purees, mills and simmers. Amazing isn’t it?

3) Multiple Uses
– It can make whole food juice, ice cream, sorbets, hot soups, sauces and bread dough. Now, how many blenders have that versatility?
– It is a blender, juicer, chopper, ice cream maker and food processor combined into one. By replacing several appliances, the price that you pay would be worth it.
– You can have both hot and cold treats with this blender.

4) Easy to Clean and Maintain
– This is a stroll in the park. From many blender reviews, there are three ways of cleaning.
– First and easiest method: Add in a dash of dishwasher soap, a cup of water and 15 seconds on high. That’s it!
– Second method: With the same amount of dishwasher soap, a cup of hot water, blend for 30 seconds and then rinse.
– Third and cleanest method: Fill the blender ¾ of the way and add a squirt of soap. Turn the blender for 5 minutes. Prepare to be amazed 

5) 7 Year Warranty
– Most blenders do not have a warranty that long. Either way, it should last you even past your generation so no sweat!

6) No Danger of Burning the Motor
– You can run it at such a high speed (37,000 rpm) for hours but you won’t get a whiff of burnt motor.
– Don’t worry about overheating. It automatically shuts down if it overheats.

7) Nutritious and Healthy
– The enclosed recipe book is pretty useful.
– It’s easy, healthy and delicious. Perfect for home made baby food or a kick start to get healthy.
– Since you don’t need to peel the skin off, the vitamins stay intake in your juice too.
– Are you a vegetarian? This is an exceptional tool to spice up your meals.
– You’ll learn to drink healthy juices regularly too since it only takes under a minute. No more excuses.

The Drawbacks

1) Expensive
-No doubt it is pricey. However, if you bought a blender, food processor, juicer, meat grinder, coffee grinder, and more, this blender’s price would pale in comparison to the total amount spent if you bought them individually.
– Additionally, think about those numerous repair parts and maintenance that you would have to pay for lower priced blenders. If you add them up over the years, they would cause you a fortune. However, if you buy this blender, sweat not as there is a warranty of 7 years!

2) The Incredible Hulk
– Huge and often reviewed as one of the ugliest control panel label, you might think twice if you love fashion in the kitchen.
– You would need a good deal of space on your kitchen counter too!

3) This blender roars
– Some blender reviews say this blender sounds like a helicopter crashing into the roof of your house. So beware!
– However, since blending is done in a jiffy, the noise only last for a while.

In my opinion, if you use a blender daily and is a serious, die-hard fan of blending and cooking at home, this workhorse is the one for you. However, if you are the kind that blends once a week, the price paid will not be worthwhile. It ultimately depends on the type of blending and cooking you like. Even if you are a novice, the recipes are easy to follow and with some experimenting here and there, you’ll become a super blender! Just a few words of caution; this blender is not available in stores, so internet purchase is your only avenue to purchase the product. Besides that, if you are staying outside of the USA, warranty will not be of much use to you. So, if you have the money and don’t want to purchase so many different appliances, get a Vita-Mix 1300 TurboBlend 4500.

Vita-Mix 1363 CIA Professional Countertop Blender

A large blender that is always in charge, it demands 5 star ratings from 30 out of 32 people, that’s a 99.8% satisfaction guaranteed certificate right there. The CIA in its name is an abbreviation of “Culinary institute of America” not the guys who are looking for terrorists. Both Vitamix and CIA have joined together to create an incredible piece of work, that gives you professional grade results anytime, every time.

It comes with a 64-ounce polycarbonate jar, so far nobody has complained about scratching or staining, the body is platinum to fit in with all your other chrome or shiny kitchen ware, and comes with a wonderful variable speed setting. This Vitamix blender is able to inspire the chef in you with its complimentary recipe books and an instructional DVD; you won’t have to worry about putting your money to good use or keeping the machine occupied with thousands of recipes at your finger tips.

Vita-Mix 1363 CIA Professional Countertop Blender is a versatile countertop blender that has multiple functions such as blending, pureeing, chopping, juicing and many more.

A key feature of this blender is the ability to ensure thorough blending through its polycarbonate jar. Unlike ordinary blenders, this blender allows you endless choices to make anything that you would like, exactly like a professional would!

As the name itself says, Vita-Mix 1363 is on its class of its own. It crushes ice effectively, makes quality ice-cream from frozen fruit and cream in record time as well as produces smooth and consistent drinks, frappuccinos and sauces. One user likes this blender because it is not only great for making baby food but also frozen drinks. No more worries about chunky bits of fruit or ice in your smoothies anymore!

If there is a fear of under-utilising this particular appliance, just take a quick look at the numerous great recipes in a cookbook which weigh as heavy as the machine itself! A handy tip would be to start the machine on low before revving it up because it indeed is as powerful as the instruction indicates.

Even for its price of $600, Vita-Mix 1363 CIA Professional Countertop Blender is certainly worth it like the other Vitamixes – a lifetime investment.

Last but not least….

The Best of the Best: The Vitamix 5200 Smoothie Blender

Let’s be simple here. When you have Vitamix 5200 in your kitchen, you can throw away every other appliance. Yes, EVERYTHING, even your wok, is rendered useless by this beast of a machine. It’s not too much to say that if you’re fancy, with this versatile cook, you don’t even need a kitchen at all.


Powerful, Quiet and Versatile

The heart of this gigantic blender is Eastman TritanTM copolyester, 64-ounce, BPA-free container. Instead of using glass which is dangerous given the power provided by 5200, this sound-absorbing and chemically-resistant jug retains the durability of polycarbonate, yet it’s easily cleaned in seconds.

Deep inside this machine are stainless steel blades which can slice, puree and whip solid foods into batter, cream or soup, doing it so finely that the nutrition derived from a normal blender is multiplied by 3 using Vitamix 5200.

Powering those hammerhill and cutting “wet” blades is a specially-designed, Swedish-built 2 HP motor. This custom design is effective in energy saving, excellent in performance and efficient in heat reduction. Besides, the variable speed control ranges from 11 m.p.h. to 240 m.p.h., stretching its ability to perform the most delicate and strenuous tasks.

The Things You can Do with Vitamix 5200

But even if you can’t fathom what advantages you could reap from the above specifications, then know this – Vitamix 5200 can execute 52 kitchen tasks, proving once and for all that you should throw your wok into a garbage bin. To give you an idea of how impressive it is, take a walk through selected functions of this machine:

It kneads dough without getting your hands, and probably your face, dirty. In case your face is dry, then produce your own natural face masks to rejuvenate your skin. Feeling a bit hungry after that facial treatment? Just put basil, pine nuts and olive oil to blend a bowl of tasty pesto. Apply the sauce on your salad, but wait, make sure you emulsify those salad dressings. Then wash them down with a glass of frozen coffee, refreshingly frapped by Vitamix 5200.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’ve gone nuts and want to return this monstrous blender within 30 days, please insanely do so and you’ll obtain a full refund. Meanwhile, the cookbooks and instructional video are yours to keep. Nonetheless, with 5-star ratings all over the web, and the company’s bold move in granting 7-year warranty, the only thing you should worry about is where to dump your kitchen appliances.

Get your Vitamix 5200 blender here at Amazon, where you can find the best price.