Those who have Braun’s older model of hand blender will love this new improved version. The Braun Multiquick Professional Hand Blender is much better designed for easy use, cleaning and is more powerful too.

Braun Multiquick Professional Hand Blender

This hand blender is very easy to use, just screw on the blender, whisk or mini-chopper, then you’re ready to start blending milkshakes, soup, pancake batter, or whisk an egg for omelet, or chop up onions, nuts and spices, at just one push of a button.

One reviewer said that you’d be amazed how handy it is to bring the blender to the food instead of the other way round, and I can’t agree more! Sometimes you can just immerse the blender into a soup pot and cream the contents, rather than pour the soup into a blender, puree it, then pour the soup back into the pot.

After using the device, just unscrew the attachment part and clean it. There’s no worry about accidentally washing the motor part. Then just hang it up on the wall with the wall hanger it comes with. Easy to find and saves counter space!

The motor of this hand blender is more powerful than its older version too. In fact it is so powerful that reviewers are warning about getting your kitchen walls sprayed with puree, and the physically challenged might find it better to get another model with variable speed.

“Watch out for how much pressure you apply to the speed accelerator button, because you may find your cake mix blending in pretty well with the paint on your wall. In that case, avoid using a shallow bowl. Use a deeper mixing bowl, bigger than the size recommended for your ingredients.” – Anthony Morelli, at Amazon.

In fact the only real drawback I can see with the Braun Multiquick Professional Hand Blender is its awfully expensive price. But seeing the amount of people who has bought this and are pleased with it, I suppose it might be worth a try for those who can afford it.