Another product from Blendtec, this Blendtec WildSide HP3A is a much bigger blender (3-quart) compared to its sister the TB621. If your family is looking forward to a raw diet or increased consumption of vegetables and fruits, this blender is a good option to consider.

Known for its smoothie-making function, the Blendtec Wildside is often placed side by side with the Vitamix 5200. The Wildside is liked for its lower height, especially by those who have little space under the cabinets.

It also has preprogrammed options instead of controls and switches on the Vitamix, but this will depend on personal preference on automation or full control. Granted, automation meant less versatility because you might not find a perfect program that fits your favorite style of blending for certain foods, if you have one. But for most people, user-friendliness with home appliances meant hit-and-run.

This model is pretty powerful. It can crush frozen fruits and create a smooth, yummy smoothie but make sure you put in the correct ratio of frozen stuff and water and close the lid tightly. This heavy duty blender can handle several blends a day, every day if you like it, so you can have fresh and healthy green smoothies every time!

A few users mentioned that this blender is ‘terribly loud’, ‘tolerably loud’, or ‘has a noticeable sound’, but all of them are happy with the blending and did not mind the noise. I have yet to find a really silent blender, really.

Cleaning up this blender is a very easy, no-hassle job for anyone. The purchase includes a handy recipe book for more blending ideas, and a limited 3-year warranty. The warranty on Vitamix 5200 is 7 years, but then it costs twice as much.

So to buy or not to buy? I’d say, smoothie fans out there, unless you have some hard cash to splurge on a Vitamix, get this Blendtec Wil
dSide HP3A
blender. Chances are that you’ll be happy with it