Almost all of the available grills nowadays can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the innovative ideas of the manufacturers that enables them to operate smoothly without having any problems when it comes to its heating capability. Today most of the electric barbecue grills found in the market has so many features in it that can make your grilling experience worthwhile. You can just simply adjust the heating temperature of your choice without any hassle at all because of its unique design. You can also select different modes of grilling depending on the type of meat you are trying to operate.

The most basic concept of grilling by the use of electricity is through the process of conduction wherein the transfer of energy by means of heat takes place in the metal plate that is incorporated inside the grill. Sometimes manufacturers use a different plate other than metal that is ceramics plate or known as ceramics plate burner. In ceramics burner heat is dissipated throughout the entire surface by means of radiation not by a direct conduction process. Ceramics plate burner using radiation is a lot more effective and efficient compared to the conduction type metal plate burners because of its fast ability to reach a higher temperature to heat.

Electric barbecue grills are obviously better than charcoal ones because of its zero dust emission after the process. All you need is to let the surface cool down and you are ready to clean it up. Electric grills have no other source of energy also and all you have to do is plug it into your house then you are on the go. Unlike other types of grills you don’t have to worry in refilling it with kerosene gas or some packs of charcoals which can be a hazard to health and in the atmosphere. As long as there is enough supply of electricity to run your grill then there is no problem at all.

Electric grills nowadays became so popular also which made them so useful when it comes to customers who are very particular in their health. Cooking your food in an electric grill is a whole new experience when it comes to the taste of your food. Well, as a matter of fact cooking your food on charcoal grills and electric grills are all the same. They both give you the taste you’ve always wanted. The only significant difference here is that when you cook your meat for example in the electric grill, you are eliminating more fats in the meat rather than that of the traditional charcoal grills. The reason why is because electric grilling emits off radiation which actually produces a uniform flow of heat waves all throughout the food. The heat also that is being circulated in the meat is maintained carefully. This is achieved very well because the only source you have is the electricity and nothing else matters. As long as you have electricity then you have all the heat you need to cook the food and at the same time burn extra fats well.

There is no doubt that cooking in the electric grill is much faster to achieve compared to the typical charcoal style and aside from that, you don’t have to worry anymore about its whole operation. It’s easy to maintain, easy to clean, easy to operate and aside from that it gives a whole lot more of benefits to your health by means of its cooking technology.

Andrew James Red Electric Barbecue Grill

The Andrew James Red Electric BBQ Grill Is a really smart, and very fashionable piece of kit. It is also very versatile, it can be used on the supplied stand for outdoors use, or off the stand if you prefer to use it on a base of some sort.

The grill is not a low end cooker, and as such it is a bit more expensive than some others. Some of the features that make it worth the extra include the fact that it has a domed hinged lid with an easily read top mounted integral thermometer. The domed lid is a real boon particularly if you are cooking outdoors as it shields the food and prevents a good deal of heat loss in breezy conditions. For indoor use, the domed lid effectively turns the unit into a simple adjustable oven. This is good for thicker meat cuts. By closing the lid you can adjust the heat to your preferred temperature.

The cooking surface has two profiles. 75% of the cooking area is ridged, making it ideal for steaks and vegetables. The rest of the cooking surface is flat, good for bacon, eggs and some sea foods etc.

Other features include adjustable heat up to 2.4 kilowatts, a tray to collect waste fat (pour a little hot water into this before cooking, makes cleaning much easier), and an easily cleaned nonstick cooking area that can be removed if required. Additionally the Red Electric BBQ has a 2.9 meter power cord and a convenient condiments tray.

Features that make this grill ideal for use at home or away is that providing you have access to mains 230 volts, you will never have to worry about running out of charcoal or gas bottles. Plug it in, turn it on and you can be cooking in less than five minutes.

Although what I’m about to say is not specific to this particular barbecue grill, it is well worth mentioning here. I’ve found in the last three or four years that electric barbecues are far outselling all other types. This is probably due to factors like our lovely UK weather and our busy lives getting in the way. By buying electric you are giving yourself an easy and convenient way to reproduce the ‘feeling’ of barbecue in your own kitchen.

I would recommend that a barbecue cover would also be a particularly good investment. If you are going to by an upmarket barbecue like this one, it makes sense to protect it from the elements while it’s not in use outside, but also to protect it while it’s being stored. This way, the unit should last years and still look great!

There are several electric barbecue makers that I can recommend. The best manufacturers deliver features that make them attractive in their own way. For me, the Andrew James Red barbecue scores highly for several reasons. It is of good quality, it is very stylish and, unusually for this type of BBQ – it has a domed lid with a built in temperature gauge. This last feature opens up a whole range of possibilities that I intend to explore!